Industrial Area

With more than 20 years of experience, Kafafy Group has become well known as one of the most reputable real estate and luxury resort developers in Egypt. Our company has served thousands of clients from all over the world and has earned recognition for superior quality in the real estate market.

We have designed, financed, constructed, and sold over two million square meters of properties, while offering no interest mortgage financing for up to 4 years to qualified customers.

Kafafy Group is developing many new projects from Luxury Real Estate properties to Large Scale Resorts.
We have many Real Estate Developments and Resorts available in Egypt. Kafafy Group also works on many projects for Interior Design, Large & Small Scale Project Developments, Construction, Security, Surveillance Systems, and Real Estate Properties.

The Sharm Up projects include the most advanced elements and first class ideas for luxury real estate and resorts. Kafafy Group is constructing the perfect model resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and assisting in making key designs for the future residential development construction industry.

We are looking forward to offering our assistance to you and provide a variety of services, developments, projects, and products. Please contact us if you would like our firm to assist you. Kafafy Group has built all of the resorts we operate as well as other resorts in Egypt.