About Us

We are more than happy to introduce our company and services to you.

For more than 20 years since 1995 Kafafy Group has been working with many businesses and clientele to offer quality and affordable options for a wide range of services and business solutions.

We are hoping to expand our company and services in the future to help create more development and services for the Middle East and worldwide. Kafafy Group owns and operates many popular, respected Hotels and Resorts with Real Estate Property Developments, built with its own Construction and Cement Manufacturing Company which facilities run under its affiliate; New Sharm.

As well as other conventional fields like General Service Security Company and Service 1 an Administrative Technical Business Software and Service Company.

We are looking forward to offering our assistance to you and provide a variety of services, developments, projects, and products. Please contact us if you would like our firm to assist you.

Kafafy Group is made up of a large group of affiliates and subsidiaries that provide many services here in the Middle East. Aside from owning many Real Estate Developments and Resorts in Egypt; we also work on many projects for Interior Design, help assisting Project Developments, Construction, Security, Surveillance Systems, constructing Luxury Real Estate Properties, and Resorts.

We aim to develop projects that include residential, commercial, and leisure facilities that will create a unique atmosphere as well as build an integrated community.

In addition to support services provided by the Nasr City Headquarters, Kafafy Group’s comprehensive subsidiaries and affiliates help offer and provide solutions through its network of offices in Egypt to many of our clientele.