Projects by Kafafy Group


Jewel Makadi Resort and Spa

Jewel Makadi is an excellent central location on the Red Sea coast and as it is one of the newest holiday resorts.


  • Private beach access
  • A 100% freehold apartment
  • Open air Jacuzzis
  • Spa &Gym
  • Golf access (18 hole)
  • Water features throughout
  • Shuttle bus service
  • 24 hour security
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Oasis Villas Resort

The Oasis Villas Resort is the perfect location for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty and surroundings overlooking the Red Sea, Tiran Island, and the Sinai Mountains.


  • 3 Large Pools & Child’s pool
  • Each Villa has a private pool
  • Open Air Jacuzzi
  • WiFi & Satellite
  • Private Beach Access
  • Private & Rooftop Terraces
  • Blue Lakes & Waterfalls
  • Gym
  • Red Sea, Tiran Island, & Sinai
  • Cable & Central TV
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View Resort

The View Resort is a Project of Sharm Up for Touristic Development and it was designed to offer a relaxing and comfortable luxury resort for people all over the world.


  • 3 large pools
  • Children pool
  • Open air jacuzzi
  • Wi Fi satellite
  • Private beach
  • Communal rooftop
  • Lakes
  • Gym
  • Cable & central TV
  • Parking
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