General Services

General Services

General Service Company has the honor of providing various services to customers within the Arab Republic of Egypt, since 1987.
General Service specializes in security and janitorial services for the various projects and developments. We are qualified to maintain security and to contract law enforcement measures and practices at any time.

General Service consists of 350 employees in 4 provinces and plans to increase the number of employees to 1,000 to the end of 2011.
The company is also one of the first Egyptian companies in the area for security services and private escorts in Egypt.

Why shall you choose General Services?
- to minimize losses
- better protection for your valuables
- professionalism in the workplace
- care about the quality and performance in work
- to achieve the highest levels of comprehensive insurance against theft / fire / responsibility
- third party insurance policy

Security & Private Escorts

Department of guards: 300 security officers. Comprehensive coverage of all parts of the state.
All security officers has been carefully selected in accordance with the company policy.
Supervision is permanently & steadily during the work. Our services include the following:

  • fixed aharash
  • alldoraat security forces
  • hamaih people & property
  • hamaih important installations & Alchkeselt
  • toman and guarding important events
  • khaddmat environment integrated high-tech

Surveillance & Control Systems

The company is one of the first companies in Egypt that is capable of providing all equipment and devices. Security high quality and efficiency in line with the latest regulations and technological devices is available fromIn this area is that of the company's policies and for the ways to distinguish them.

  • Access Control
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Metal detectors
  • X-Ray device
  • CCTV

Cleaning & Environmental

Janitorial and Environmental protecting services by the Kafafy Group.

  • environmental services
  • janitorial services
  • clean glass surfaces on the high floors
  • clean places
  • medical and health care High Tech
  • high-efficiency equipment and toiletries service
  • the latest level of the latest products
  • equipped against rodents, insects and reptiles

Management & Operations

Service 1 offers high quality services for any business. We specialize in top of the line software and applications to secure and maintain any company. Our Company has the best certified technicians that have a great reputation for providing solutions and also offering consulting services for new offices. Service1 is more than happy to provide the best options to help boost productivity while maintaining security.

  • insurance company on Janitorial operations
  • services reception
  • parking using the the latest technologies

Our Clients

  • national atom
  • Egyptian music industry / voice of love
  • Egyptian Arabian Hotels & Tourism
  • national gas Natjas
  • national gas Renaissance
  • national gas October
  • Kato Real Estate Development
  • Nile Pharmaceuticals
  • Ajoaq Kwank- Egypt Branch
  • Egypt for distribution and cinemas
  • professions of medical drugs
  • immortality Exchange
  • Techno St.
  • Ajoaq Petroleum
  • Ahram Poultry - Kafr mountain
  • voice of love
  • United amulet
  • Shepherd Hotel in Cairo
  • Delta Pyramids of Giza
  • Dive Resort in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Coral Hills Resort Sharm El-Sheikh
  • gazelle Bay - Dabaa / Marsa Matrouh
  • Egyptian Museum
  • ktoot air Alaabnah Nile Hilton Hotel
  • jewelry museum Alexandria
  • boats Cheops pyramid
  • iron Sekka
  • Badrashin Central
  • electricity
  • women & obstetrics - Ain Shams
  • Mr. Jalal
  • mahd heart
  • international engineers
  • Al-Azhar School of Medicine
  • display cinema
  • Rivoli cinema
  • Roxy cinema
  • cinema Cosmos
  • cinema Normandy - Heliopolis
  • cinema Heliopolis - Heliopolis
  • Metro cinema - Alexandria
  • cinema Miami - Alexandria
  • GS F October 6
  • medical professions medications - Abu Sultan
  • Hamid Moussa
  • Lana cosmetics
  • Raouf Ghali Jewellery
  • Fathi Lotfy
  • Amelcho trade and distribution
  • Interpack
  • Kahila
  • to Akloh role
  • labware - engineers
  • Environmental Affairs
  • engineers habitation
  • shops Benton
  • jewelry Raoov Shafiq
  • New Panorama French
  • Baron
  • Olympic Sports